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May 14, 2000 Poll Finds Firearm Threats Common WP
March 4, 2000 Bills Banning Lawsuits Against Gun Makers Quietly Progress AP
November 2, 1999 It Might Make Ballots Better To Add "None Of The Above" VP
June 19, 1999 VA. Lawmakers Remain Independent

November 22, 1998 Capitol Notebook: Virginia's Political Leaders Wined And Dined By NRA

 June 25, 1995 Report To Readers: No Big Storm Over Weather VP
 February 2, 1995 Political Potpourri

 January 21, 1995 Commentator Missed

January 17, 1995 WTAR Launches ``Pat Murphy's Virginia" VP
January 7, 1995 WTKR Offers Earlier Coverage Of Local News

 November 5, 1994 Walsh Debuts

 July 17, 1993 Insomniacs Unite

 January 22, 1993 Norfolk OK's Beaver Plan, But Won't Toss Lethal Traps Yet VP
 January 22, 1993 Wildlife Advocates Plan Strategy To Fight Norfolk Beaver Trapping

 January 21, 1993 Angry Norfolk Group Acts to Save Beavers VP
 December 25, 1992 United We Stand Wants U.S. Back On Track VP
 November 5, 1992 Incumbents In Trouble? Not Here...
 All 8 Survive A Mood To Toss The Bums Out
 November 3, 1992 Snack Picks As Distinct As Candidates VP
 November 2, 1992 New Va. Poll Shows Bush Is Ahead...
 The President Has Apparently Benefitted From Clinton's Loss Of Support To Perot
November 1, 1992 Political Presence Christian Coalition Has Struck An Angry Cord With Some Believers

 October 31, 1992 VA. Poll: Voters Back Bush, School Bonds

 October 27, 1992 Candidate's Va. Backers Say They Knew Of "Tricks" Charge...
 They Say Having It Out In The Open May Help By Showing Why Their Man Quit The   Race In July
October 20, 1992 Bush, Clinton Even In VA. Poll: 1 Point Seperates Them

 October 19, 1992 Political Passion Becomes Political Fashion VP
 October 16, 1992 TV Politician Arrives Secretly, Unrehearsed VP
October 15, 1992 Organizers: See Bush? Fat Chance

 October 13, 1992 Clinton To Watch Debate, Prepare In Williamsburg...
  No Appearances Before Richmond
 October 12, 1992 Judges: Clinton Wins Debate, Bush Loses, Perot Reaches Out

 September 24, 1992 Perot Forces Speak Up On Entering Race VP
September 18, 1992 Perot Comeback Possible,
Ally Says Texan Must Explain Why He Dropped Out

 July 26, 1992 Perot Was Weasel, Not A Thoroughbred VP
 July 21, 1992 Turn To Plan B: Local Perot Fans Vow To Fight On...
  They Want His Economic Plan To Shape The Race

July 19, 1992 Perot's People Push On-Vow To Continue Efforts For Reform DP
 July 10, 1992 Perot Schedules Stop In Williamsburg

 April 3, 1992 Yes, Perot Can Be Elected VP
 October 20, 1991 Out Of The Woods...
 Couple Hones Home By Hand Fron Natural-Finish Fine Hardwoods
 August 24, 1991 Area Radios Are Singing The Blues DP
August 22, 1991 Party Hearty: Good Times at Surf Event

January 18, 1991 Rebirth Of The Blues? Fickle Fans Cloud Skies For Bluesmen

 January 10, 1991 Year Is Full Of Promise For Entertainment Scene VP
 September 20, 1990 Big Mac' Finds Life After Radio VP
 August 30, 1990 So Many Comics And So Little Time VP
 August 5, 1990 WVEC Plans Morning 'Info-tainment' VP
 July 29, 1990 103-JAMZ Is No.1 In Spring Arbitron Ratings VP
 July 22, 1990 Z-Rock, WOFM'S Successor, A Headbanger's Delight VP
July 21, 1990 Mismanagement Forced WOFM To Change Format

 May 20, 1990 Despite Setback, WOFM May Double Tower Power

May 19, 1990 The Rev. Billy C. Wirtz Preaches The Blues In Virginia Beach

 May 15, 1990 Beach Denies WOFM Request To Build Tower...
  Supporters, Staff Pleaded For Site To Boost Power
 September 1, 1989  `Keep On Keeping On' is Bluzblasters' Credo



VP = Virginian Pilot (Norfolk, Va.)
DP = Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)
WP = Washington Post (D.C.)
AP = Associated Press

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