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For your consideration:

M. Rau

A consultant and provider of services in the field of mass communications.

Writing and Editing

Expertly crafted copy that generates interest and excitement.

Website Design and Implementation

Feature-rich and user-friendly websites built on the best open-source content management systems - set up and ready to roll

Content Creation and Management

Complete support available for creating and managing high quality copy, graphics and photos, video, music, or other interesting and engaging content for your site.

Social Media Management

Effective strategy and tactics for utilizing social media to spread the word about what you want the world to know.

Freelance Journalism

Years of experience in investigation, research and storytelling in the news industry generates accurate, objective and meaningful reporting.

Other Specialties

Because the public needs to hear your message through the noise

Because events are complicated and experience can make the difference

Because sometimes bad things happen to good people

Because someone needs to be thinking about the process differently

Because sometimes the information you need takes some expert digging

Because some things just need clear, easy-to-understand instructions