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A little history...

Michael E. Rau is a freelance provider of consulting and production services in the field of mass communications, with a core dedication to help enhance and improve the messaging and methodology used by individuals and organizations to communicate with the general public.

Rau describes himself as a middle-aged dreamer and restless soul who since the late 70's has been combining his fascination with the ways people communicate (or don't), and his obsession with being a vehicle for positive social evolution.

Rau created Albemarle Sound Productions in 1978, originally hoping it would become the management arm for his burgeoning musical career. Eventually conceding his mediocrity as a player, Rau turned to the business side, participating in the production of several music events until 1986, when ASP self-produced and promoted the first of dozens of concerts, a show at Norfolk's legendary King's Head Inn by reknowned blues guitarist, Duke Robillard. ASP's reputation became one of an organization as concerned with the art as with the business. ASP produced over fifty such events in the ensuing years.

Evolution occurred again in 1991 when ASP was retained to create the media campaign for a candidate for the Va. General Assembly. This experience convinced Rau that he should expand the company's focus to being a vehicle for political and social change, as well as cultural access. He changed the name to Albemarle Sound Ideas to reflect this shift.

In 1998, ASI launched its first website created for a client. In the ensuing years, Rau has created (and in most cases, also manages) many websites, and has produced dozens of instances of specialized web content.

Several years ago, in an effort to simplify the way he works with clients, and recognizing that it evolved into something other than a business in the conventional sense of the word, Rau stopped using the ASI brand, and started managing his professional environment as that of a lone freelancer. Although Rau no longer trades under this name, it remains near and dear to his heart.

Mike Rau has continued to specialize in bringing consulting and implementation services to clients engaged in meaningful social, political, and cultural activity, who otherwise might not have access to the same level of quality and creativity available to the strictly-for-profit segment of our society, utilizing the best practices of civic engagement.

From traditional media to state-of-the-art information technology, Rau strives to bring the cutting edge of mass communications to the masses...


Present and past

Joe Baron for Norfolk Sheriff
Dan G. Bell, LLC
Eleanor Weston Brown, L.C.
City of Hampton
Cox Media
Faith and Women
Future of Hampton Roads
Hampton Roads Children of the Sun
Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation
Hospitality for the Homeless
Martha Mugler for Delegate
Newport News Sheriff's Office
Opportunity, Inc.
The John Riggins Show
Toneside Records
James Babcock, Author
Barrett-Peake Foundation
Eleanor Weston Brown for City Council
Carolyn Castleberry
CIVIC Leadership Institute
Fair Share Idaho
Amy Ferebee
Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement
Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance
Hampton Roads Partnership
Hunter at Sunrise
Molly Ward for Mayor of Hampton
Norfolk Sheriff's Office
Pearl Blossom Floral
Mariesa Stokes, Marketeer
Virginia Center for Public Safety

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