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(Note: This essay originally ran in AltDaily)

Sheesh...  And I thought this was gonna be fun.

A couple of months ago, my friend, Hampton Mayor Molly y409meph Ward, asked if I would help out with her re-election campaign, and I said “sure.”

I hadn't worked on a political campaign in 16 years. I had decided back then that the atmosphere had become too corrosive, and I didn't want my life to be further polluted with such toxicity. Even I didn't know just how bad it eventually would get.

Since then, I've worked in local TV news, wrote a column for a local newspaper and became a fairly skilled web developer. I've never had any desire to jump back into the snake pit that politics in modern America has turned into – even when offered buckets of money.

But I adore Molly Ward. She’s like my little sister. Plus, I have never met anyone in elective office with more integrity and genuine desire to engage in public service. I believe she's the best elected official in the entire region, and the citizens of Hampton are lucky to have her as their mayor.

So I thought to myself: “This is great.” She could run on her achievements, her intellect and her vision for the future of Hampton, and the race would be a slam dunk.

How could I possibly have been so naïve?