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Bastards... I posted this 45 second video clip from a TV show to Facebook, and they flagged it for copyright infringement. So, guess what, Facebook... IN YER FACE!

A local radio show gains some national notoriety:

(Note: I originally wrote this for the Hampton Roads Center for Civic Engagement)
buildabetterblock categoryI'm in awe... And, I've seen the future.
Why and how is really simple: I visited the Better Block Project and the proposed Norfolk Arts District.
I only made it down there for a couple hours. But, if you'll pardon the expression, I'm still basking in the afterglow of the experience more than a day later. There was nothing about it that wasn't impressive and inspirational. It left me hungering for more.
(Note: HRCCE Chairman Chris Bonney has provided some of his own impressions HERE)
For some reason, WTKR NewsChannel 3 didn't post this on their website (It's a shame. They did a great job on it). So - citing the Fair Use Doctrine, I'm posting it on my website for folks to see:

I just realized that I shot this and posted it on my Facebook page, but never here.

I took my first trip over the new Jordan Bridge on Jan. 6th, and being a geek, shot video. It turned out pretty well. The worst part of the drive is that you can’t stop to enjoy the amazing view. Look directly ahead as we reach the peak and you can see Town Center off in the distance.

Awesome bridge...

(Note: This essay originally ran in AltDaily)

I want to talk about guns. Why should be obvious.

Let’s begin with this basic observation: Guns are unique enablers. They give people the means to commit violence in a much less personal, detached manner than any other weapon (OK - maybe a bow and arrow). They efficiently create large amounts of tissue damage quickly and easily. They generate a false sense of power that can encourage violence in an individual already prone to act that way. Their purpose as designed is to kill. We shouldn't be surprised that the unregulated and unscrutinized proliferation of firearms in America is leading to such extreme death and carnage.

I believe that beyond the usual boilerplate platitudes that emanate from both sides of the debate, there are complexities to the issue of gun violence in America that are being drowned out and need to be part of the discussion. So with a degree of acquiescence that what I’ve written here will make many folks unhappy and angry, here we go.