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Spoutin' Off

You've reached what used to be the companion Web site for "Spoutin' Off", a bi-weekly technology column which ran in the Daily Press (Newport News, Va.) from March of 2005 until May of 2009.

You can read over 100 of my past columns below. But as opposed to more timeless topics, the relentless march of technological advancement means that most of these columns are woefully dated.

Also - I've never taken the time to reformat these posts to be more readable. Maybe I'll get around to that someday, but for now. it's a low priority for me.

The column was discontinued due to contraction in the size of the paper and a shift in local focus to personal budget issues. Journalism is going through a paradigm shift unprecidented in its history. I believe that a free unfettered press is a critical element of a healthy democracy and I've lost faith in commercial media conglomerates to provide information and context that hasn't been compromised by their poor business decisions and lust for profit.

But it is what it is...


5-05-09 Small N.C. city starts its own cable system
4-14-09 Windows is wide open to security breaches 
3-31-09 Phone-within-phone is odd 
3-17-09 Apple speculation could bear fruit 
3-03-09 Local internet radio show is quality 
2-17-09 Technology can't replace paperbacks 
2-03-09 Digital conversion deadline looming
1-20-09 Lots of technology news to ponder
1-06-09 A new year brings new ideas
12-23-08 My wishes are few and geeky
12-09-08 Shop online and save money this holiday
11-25-08 The Storm looks a lot like an iPhone
11-04-08 Netflix-Tivo deal brings us closer to fair cable prices
10-21-08 Skip the cable TV and go straight to broadband
10-07-08 New T-Mobile phone competes with iPhone
9-27-08 Spammer's conviction overturned leaving us all less secure
9-08-08 IE 8 provides versatility to web surfing
8-18-08 Microsoft's Olympic tactics seem shady
8-04-08 Green technology good for capitalists
7-21-08 Somebody hurry up and figure out how to get the iPhone to play in my car
7-07-08 U.S. broadband lags behind other countries
6-16-08 The new Apple iPhone looks like a better buy
6-02-08 New movie viewer couldn't be easier
5-19-08 Soon, Vista will be all you can buy
5-05-08 No need to pay boutique prices for mere wires
4-21-08 Make sure new TV has digital tuner
4-07-08 Reasons behind missing iPhones
3-24-08 Apple is opening up iPhone for tweaking
3-10-08 Speak out for stronger anti-malware laws
2-25-08 Blu-Ray wins the high-def DVD war by default
2-11-08 No good can come of Microsoft's greed
1-28-08 Big brother is closing in on your cubicle
1-14-08 An unsecure computer is part of the problem
12-31-07 Analog changes will affect cell phone users first
12-17-07 Shop for fun online
12-03-07 The writer's strike has much more to do with the Internet than you may realize
11-19-07 Technology fans: Wake up and pay attention
10-22-07 Vote - Your choice affects your life
10-22-07 New Apple OS cool but not thrilling
10-08-07 Spam is the scourge of the wired world
09-24-07 Google is growing
09-10-07 Touchscreen functionality continues with new 'iPod Touch'
08-27-07 Changes could improve computing
08-13-07 Change is in the air for what we drive
07-30-07 American Internet speeds lag behind
07-16-07 Keep your eyes peeled for an invite to Joost
07-02-07 What makes the iPhone worth $600?
06-18-07 The world is more confusing without Ask Jim
06-04-07 One of the worst spammers arrested
05-28-07 Microsoft is more about dominance than quality
05-07-07 Save the Internet radio before the music dies
04-23-07 Technology played a role in covering Tech shootings
04-09-07 Is the music industry getting smart?
03-26-07 Apple TV is a good idea that doesn't go far enough
03-12-07 What do high-definition offerings mean for you?
02-26-07 A neighborhood watch for computers
02-12-07 DRMs have little effect on privacy
01-29-07 No need to stampede to Vista
01-15-07 The iPhone changes everything
01-01-07 A look at technology to come
12-11-06 Consider Vista before buying
12-04-06 Find the best deals this season
11-13-06 ODU's maglev project is truly magnetic
10-30-06 Windows is fabulous on a Mac
10-02-06 Malware, spam still a pain in the software
09-18-06 Zune enticing tune but wifi hook is tame
09-04-06 Whether Zune or iTunes, tunes same
08-21-06 Apple stays fresh by changing
08-07-06 Good night and good luck, AOL
07-24-06 A new step for Microsoft
07-10-06 DRMs are bad dreams to some
06-26-06 Yahoo's crime of censorship
06-12-06 At work, don't do virus' job
05-29-06 Free Wi-Fi access for all is a good idea
05-15-06 Don't trust anyone to safeguard your privacy
05-01-06 DVD fight is VHS vs. Beta, Round 2
04-17-06 Windows open for Macintosh
04-03-06 Save the wired world. Boycott Microsoft!
03-20-06 Waiting to say niceties of Microsoft
03-06-06 New Mac is a mini letdown
02-20-06 Emailed spam ads are like no ads at all
02-06-06 Telegrams slip into oblivion, STOP
01-30-06 Government spying reason for technophobia
01-23-06 MacIntels have nothing on G5, yet
01-09-06 Power to two IT heroes
12-26-05 Smash spam with 'Boulder Pledge'
12-12-05 More funds can help TV battle cable
11-28-05 Sony gives ground on spyware discs
11-14-05 What in the world was Sony thinking?
10-31-05 Analog TVs likely to work for years
10-17-05 Perhaps region may become "hot" for Wi-Fi
10-03-05 Opera making headway as a player in the Web browser game
9-19-05 Apple's new iPod Nano offers both elegent and flashy features
9-05-05 'Citizen journalist' archive needed
8-22-05 Blame Microsoft for the latest worm
8-08-05 We're responsible for our computer use, security
7-25-05 Spyware news is good, bad
7-11-05 Podcasts are another media choice
6-27-05 Apple's new core has a big heart
6-13-05 Beware - zombies are sucking the life out of your computer
5-30-05 It's time to revisit Web beacon scenarios
5-16-05 Net telephony can be a tough call to make
5-02-05 How free software is leading to change
4-18-05 All the Web's citizens must join spam fight
4-4-05 Yahoo's 'Web beacon' draws unwanted attention
3-21-05 Thick, thin, heavy or hot: Which screen is for you?
3-7-05 Apple bears fruit
2-14-05 Hijackers illegally using address