Spoutin' Off
The Archives

You've reached what used to be the companion Web site for "Spoutin' Off", a bi-weekly technology column which ran in the Daily Press (Newport News, Va.) from March of 2005 until May of 2009.

You can read over 100 of my past columns HERE. But as opposed to more timeless topics, the relentless march of technological advancement means that most of these columns are already woefully dated.

The column was discontinued due to contraction in the size of the paper and a shift in local focus to personal budget issues.

Journalism is going through a paradigm shift unprecidented in its history. I believe that a free unfettered press is a critical element of a healthy democracy and I've lost faith in commercial media conglomerates to provide information and context that hasn't been compromised by their poor business decisions and lust for profit.

I hope some day that journalism finds its way back into the light.